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Heating System Failure – Should You Repair or Replace?


Nothing can be more annoying than to turn on your heating system during a cold spell only to notice it wants to stay in hibernation. Locating a service technician during those moments can add to the frustration. The majority of furnace problems begin with the unit giving you warning signs that it needs servicing by professionals.

Problems That Can Interfere With Gas Furnace Operation

A thermostat could be the culprit with a gas heating system failure. Make sure the thermostat is turned on to the heat setting. You may have to adjust the setting to at least five degrees over the current room temperature for the heat to kick on. Make sure the power is on at the thermostat by checking the circuit breaker or fuse box.

Another cause of heating system failures might stem from a clogged air filter. If the heating system is on but heat flow is limited through the vents, then the problem suspected would be an extremely dirty filter. Every homeowner should purchase several filters for replacement during a heating cycle when they use the system continuously. Check filters often and replace them after four to six weeks of use even if they still look clean.

If the heating system failure isn’t corrected with the minor procedures listed above, turn the power off at the unit and turn the breaker off at the fuse box. You may have a serious problem that could include blower motor failure. A qualified technician like those at Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical in Myrtle Beach would have to check the furnace to repair the problem.

Problems With Heat Pump Operation

Heat pumps can give many similar problems as a gas furnace. After going through the procedures listed above, make sure the unit outside is free of obstructions. Leaves, plastic trash bags, and other items can block the flow of air. Over a period of time, they can cause serious damage to the unit.

Never try to make any repairs during a heating system failure unless you have advanced knowledge of what you’re doing. You can do more damage to the unit by doing unskilled repairs. A service call by local heating specialists can determine problems within your system. They usually recommend replacing the old system if the unit will cause costly repairs in the future.

Let’s face it, a well-used heating system is bound to need repair at some point in time, and like all other major appliances, they don’t last forever and will have to be replaced at some point. This is especially true if you have utilized it over several winters. When it comes to heating repair and maintenance, the simple rule of thumb remains: have it repaired immediately and regularly to prevent larger issues that translate into higher costs. More importantly, repairs should be done to keep your family warm during the cold weather.

Signs You May Need Repairs

One of the most obvious signs that your heating system is already in need of repair is severely escalating energy bills. As you may have guessed, an inefficient heating system also leads to inefficiency when it comes to energy use. Furthermore, because issues with your heating system are causing it to work harder, you will end up paying a whole lot more just to keep it working for your entire household.

If your heating system is no longer working properly, it is possible that you risk carbon monoxide release inside your home—a gas that silently endangers everyone in your home. Signs of carbon monoxide include excessive rusting around your heating system’s flue piping. You might also notice a water leak emanating from the base of your vent, flue pipe, or even the chimney.

Signs You May Need a New Heating System

Remember what your heating system was like when you just had the system installed? Then, it would take a minimal heat setting to nicely warm your entire home. Now, however, you seem to have to crank it a bit higher just to keep your family comfy and warm. This is a definite sign your heating system is no longer efficient and it may be time to replace the system.

Keep a keen eye out for these signs that clearly indicate your home is in need of heating repair or replacement. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our heating experts in Myrtle Beach at Swift Services for all your heating needs. Time is of the essence here, and an immediate response will help keep your family comfortable, safe, and worry-free.

Call Swift Services Heating, Cooling & Electrical in Myrtle Beach SC today at (910) 600-6025, or fill out our short form and someone will contact you as quickly as possible to answer any questions you may have about your home heating system and whether it’s better to repair your unit or replace it with a new, more energy-efficient system for your Myrtle Beach area home.

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