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Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Repair in Ocean Isle, NC

Quality Circuit Breaker replacement & repair in Brunswick County, North Carolina

Modern homes rely on circuit breakers for their electrical outlets. Circuit breakers are crucial safety contraptions that allow for a safe flow of electricity. They ensure that your electrical systems aren’t overloaded, and there isn’t excessive current flowing through the electrical wiring. They are especially important as our electricity demands continue to increase.

Safe & Effective Circuit Breaker Repair

Breakers in your home are essential components that help protect you and your family from electrical shock or fires. Circuit breaker repair should only be performed by a qualified electrician who is familiar with local safety standards. Improper installation or repair of circuit breakers can create unsafe wiring conditions and may even lead to a hazardous situation. Disregarding proper safety when performing circuit breaker repairs could put you and your loved ones in danger. A+ Heating & Cooling Electrical puts proper safety procedures in mind and will treat your system like it was our own.

When there are too many power sources pulling power from your electrical system, the breaker will shut off the power. This is to protect your home and reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

Circuit breakers tend to be reliable and long-lasting. However, sometimes they malfunction, which will require a replacement. This is when it is time to call a professional. Not only can they repair and replace the breaker, but they can diagnose what may have caused the malfunction. Extra work may then be needed. This could include an electrical panel update or the addition of circuits to reduce strain on your existing circuit breakers.

For circuit breaker services in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, contact the electricians at A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical today.

Circuit Breaker Installation

Following a malfunction, you will need a new circuit breaker installed. Despite the amount of DIY tutorials online, do not do this yourself. Out of all the home jobs you would like to achieve on your own, this should not be one of them.

Our team of Ocean Isle Beach electricians can help you out with home circuit breaker installation. From avoiding electrical overloads, to updating your wiring system, we make sure they align with modern electrical codes. Most importantly, we do the job safely!

Signs of Circuit Breaker Issues

Circuit breaker trips or power fuses are due to an overload of appliances on one circuit. If you unplug these appliances, you can reset the breaker and sort the problem. One-off fuses may not be an issue.

However, if you notice any of these signs, you may want to call out an electrician as soon as possible:

  • Circuit breaker trips happen frequently – especially when systems are not overloaded
  • A circuit breaker that will not reset. Other similar issues include the reset switch flips immediately, won’t move or stays put in the middle even when electricity demand has been reduced
  • Heat coming from a circuit or a section on the panel that is hot
  • An odor, particularly a burning smell, coming from the electrical panel. This will be a sign of overheating
  • Physical damage – If you can see scorch marks around your paneling, this is a very high-risk sign. Call a professional electrician immediately

If you experience any of these, you will need a new circuit installed or a repair to your breaker box. You may also need other parts of your electrical system replaced. By doing this, your home will be up to scratch on its electrical systems, and you’ll ensure that you and your family remain safe.

For all of your electrical repair services in Ocean Isle Beach, Oak Island and Wilmington, North Carolina, contact a licensed electrician at A+ Heating & Cooling – Electrical to perform electrical work in a safe and effective manner.

Contact Our Team of Certified Electricians

If you suspect something is not right with the circuit breakers in your home, you should leave it to a professional electrical contractor. There is too much risk to attempt a DIY repair on electricals, with the results being potentially fatal.

Our team of electricians are fully qualified to provide a safe, friendly and professional service. We are licensed to do the electrical job and get your electricity flowing safely and efficiently in your home. Call us today for all of your home’s electrical services!

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    Our tech came out but we didn't hear the phone upon his arrival. When we realized we had missed the call we called and customer service informed us that he had come out, checked the outside unit, and found and repaired the issue.

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