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Easy Ways to Hang Holiday Lights


There’s a lot of prep work that goes into hanging Christmas lights on your house. Before getting down to business, you’ll need to measure the area you’re going to decorate to determine the number of light strands you’ll need. Then you’ll have to choose from the many different string light options available.

How To Hang Lights on Stucco

Hanging Christmas lights on stucco can be tricky, especially since you don’t want to damage the siding in your decorating efforts. The simplest way to hang Christmas lights on your home with stucco is with a hot glue gun.

The key to keeping the hot glue from falling is to make sure you’re applying it to a clean surface.

Steps to hanging Christmas lights on stucco:

  1. Measure the distance between the light bulbs on the strand of lights you want to hang. This will tell you how much distance you should have between each dab of hot glue.
  2. Take your measuring tape (and a ladder if necessary) and measure the area where you’d like to hang the lights on your home.
  3. Clean the exterior area with a bit of cleaning solution. Warm, soapy water works well. Let it dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.
  4. Next grab your light strand, hot glue gun, and extension cord.
  5. Line the strand up with the house, and slowly apply the glue starting where you’d like the lights to end and adding glue every 6 to 8 inches until the strand is fully secured. It helps to have a helper for this step to hold the lights as you’re applying the hot glue.

This method does not work well for areas that experience frigid weather, since the hot glue becomes too brittle and eventually falls off, but for the Carolinas, it works perfectly.

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Easy Way to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights on Brick 

Brick exteriors can also be tricky when it comes to holiday lighting. Luckily, if the brick isn’t flush with its mortar there’s a simple solution: brick clips.

Brick clips typically have a saw-tooth edge that hangs on the top of the brick, and clips that attach it to the bottom. Brick clips are easy to install, can be reused year after year, and come in a variety of sizes. Simply measure a few bricks around your home and take those measurements to the hardware store for reference.

The best part about brick clips is that they won’t damage your home.

How To Hang Christmas Lights Around a Window

Windows can be challenging spaces to hang lights. The best option for decorating these spaces is with adhesive hooks. It’s important to clean the area first to make sure the adhesive sticks. You should also wait an hour between applying the hooks and hanging your lights, as this gives the adhesive time to set up before any weight is applied.

Hanging Christmas Lights with or without Gutters 

Every house is different. Some come with a gutter system while others don’t.

How to hang Christmas lights on gutters:

  • Buy gutter clamps, also known as S hooks.
  • Hang them every 8 to 12 inches off the gutter.
  • Install light strands on the hooks.

You can either climb up on a ladder to install the hooks or purchase a tool specifically for this purpose. The tools are extendable poles that the hooks securely fit onto, allowing you to extend the pole and snap the hooks onto the gutters. The hooks are reusable and will last for years.

How to hang Christmas lights without gutters:

There are a few ways to apply Christmas lights to your home if you don’t have any gutters. The simplest option is to attach the light strands with outdoor-rated adhesive hooks, but you could also use this PVC pipe method by simply attaching the clips directly to your house and not the gutter, as shown in the video.

Exterior Christmas Light Safety and Tips

While you want your home to look inviting and festive, you’ll also want to be sure that you follow a few safety precautions. If you’re climbing ladders to install lights, be sure that the ladder is level and sturdy, and that it’s rated for your weight.

Be sure that, if you’re using extension cords, they’re rated for exterior use. Don’t connect too many strands of lights together. There will be information on the package about how many strands it’s safe to connect. You may find that you need additional exterior outlets to achieve the look you want, or that you need other electrical or accent lighting help to make your exterior look its best.

Electricians In Myrtle Beach, Florida 

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